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RE: mini master

I have a mini master that I bought about a year ago. I bought it because of its
Unique size. I really like it, it shoots well right out of the box. I have not needed
To adjust the sites. I have shot it at up to 25 yards. If you haven't had a NAA
Mini before they are different to load. The cylinder is held in with a locking pin
That is just below the barrel. You pull down on the knob and turn it 90 degrees,
Then slide the pin forward along the bottom of the barrel until it is completely free, then the cylinder is taken out of the frame. You can use the pin to push the
Shells out or any long skinny tool such as a pick or screwdriver. NAA is releasing
A new revolver in 22 mag that the cylinder swings out on a crane like a traditional revolver. It is called the sidewinder
It is scheduled for release Jan. 1st I believe. Laserlyte makes a small laser for the mini master. I think you would be pleased with the minimaster.
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