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Although I think this is the direction riflescopes are headed,,,and I applaud this company for trying something new,,,I would not buy this particular product.

First I absolutely hate the trigger concept,,,when I squeeze the trigger I want the rifle to go off unless I let up on the trigger, in other words I have complete trigger control...A system where you pull the trigger and wait for two electonic systems to line up and fire the rifle does not sound safe or practical to me.

Secondly I have the Burris Eliminator lazer rangefinder rifle scope, you program the scope for your load,,,for instance 308 Winchester, 168 grain bullet and then you put the scope on target, press a button on the scope and at the top of the reticle it tells you the range and on the vertical crosshair below the horizontal crosshair a red dot appears for hold over.

What the Burris Eliminator riflescope does not do and the scope in the video I am quessing does not do is estimate wind and windage hold to the left or right of target.

The Burris Eliminator lazer rangefinder riflescope and the scope in the video will not do a host of other things like tell what the temperature is, what the barometric pressure is, what the humidity is, what the altitude is, and all these things are very important. Go to the Hornady website and their ballistic calculator,,,make sure you use the advanced program,,,plug in your caliber, ballistic coeffienct, velocity, bullet weight, sight height the scope is above the bore, maximum range put in 1000 yards, zero range, leave the wind speed and shooting angle and altitude at zero, pressure at 29.53 and humidity at 78 but do change the temperature to 90 degrees and have the program run the calculations out to 1000 yards then run the same program with the same numbers except change the temperature to 10 degrees and compare the bullet drop between the two calculations at 1000 yards....These scopes have come a long ways but they still have a long ways to go.

No matter how advanced the rifles, the scopes, and the ammo,,,we are still throwing rocks at them,,,I can't wait for a light or particle based weapon that is not affected by gravity.
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