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I have several real good carry guns.

1. 3 inch 65 'Ladysmith', bead blasted, red insert front sight, Ahrends grips, my own action job..

2. 2 1/2 M66-3 Combat Magnum, Secret Service stocks, my own action job.

3. 2 3/4 Speed Six, Secret Service stocks, Ruger DAO hammer, and my own action job.

4. 3 inch GP-100, S&W front sight (bit thicker and taller than standard), Secret Service stocks, and again my own action job.

5. S&W 640 (.38 Spl.), red insert front sight, Secret Service stocks, my own action job, and it is my first CCW when CHL started here in Texas.

But sadly I pack a Glock 27... yes I've lost my marbles but I'm a fool for snub revolvers.

Any of the above will do fine. The 2 1/2 Combat Magnum the easiest to pack. The 3 inch GP the one you can load the meanest ammo in. But all of '3m are excellent. I suggest Buffalo Bore 158gr LSWHP .38s (honest velocity from my Speed Six is 1100 fps!)

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