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austin, i know some of the fellas here won't agree with me here but i like premium ammo. i've had good luck with federal premium and nosler custom ammo. i think that you would be best served using the 150-165 grain bullet in either the #1 nosler ballistic tip,pretty dramatic drt's as they aren't really designed to penetrate but to dump all that wonderful '06 energy into the animal. #2 nosler partition,it actually does just the opposite as the bt in that it does penetrate great which is what i like as i like 2 holes for a better blood trail. or #3 the nosler accubond which is kinda the best of both worlds as it opens up fast but since its bonded it penetrates well too. i say all this to say that the hornady 165 grain sst or interbond are both great bullets too. personally i would buy 4 or 5 brands and weights and see what groups the best in your particular rifle.
good luck bro,
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