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I'll take a large frame Freedom Arms revolver over a Colt single action any day ...

This one I had made in a 4 3/4" ocatagonal barrel in .357 mag....last year...and I still marvel at the craftmanship on it. I understand their design or cosmetics are not for everyone...but I like them a lot.
As to the other 2 categories - for me, in my opinion - its S&W all the way ...nothing is more rugged or built stronger than a S&W, in my view - not Colt, and certainly not Ruger. I will put Colt as a close 2nd to S&W - but to me, Ruger, is a distant 3rd...

But everyone should buy and shoot what they like ...I have buddies that will not ever buy a S&W them its Ruger all the way ....or guys that are Colt die hards..../ there is room in the pool for all of us ...
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