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$75 dollars? The going rate around here (Pa.) at a legit Butcher Shop is now about $100 to $125 dollars. I helped kids I ran into gut their first deer. Someone has to show them if no one else is around. Grown ups I might help if they want to be involved in it. If they are going to stand there and watch, I don't think so. I absolutely believe the reason a lot of people say they don't like venison is because it was given to them by someone that did not take care of it after they shot the deer. As some previous posters already wrote, I too have seen some sad sights outside of butcher shops. I doubt that most hunters would treat a piece of beef the way they treat a dead deer. How about cutting glands off? I saw guys dragging deer that looked as if they took a chain saw to them just removing the glands. The Butcher cuts off the meat that is dried out or spoiled and then the hunter claims he got short changed on the meat. It is sad how much we hunters waste.
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