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I'd hardly say it's a minor criteria. I'm looking for any facts regarding this.

Again, this was told to me second-hand. At the academy, the instructor mocked one recruit's use of the Beretta. Told the recruit to draw on him (Empty, of course). Student drew from his holster and the instructor IMMEDIATELY pulled the entire upper assembly off the weapon.

IF said student wasn't exaggerating, yeah, it shook my faith in the 92 a bit. Not much mind you, but enough to ask the question.

I work in an area KNOWN to have gang members train to disarm police and security officers. Last thing I want is a possibility of one being able to PULL MY WEAPON IN HALF in a SHTF scenario.

If it's possible but difficult, then I don't care. If its something easily done, then yeah, its going to affect my decision a bit.
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