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i too am a new convert to the wby vanguard s2 from a newer m700 that didnt even start to live up to the accuracy standard that its been revered for. i haven't shot my new .308 s2 rc as i'm anxiously waiting my warne mount for it but i'll let y'all know if it lives up to the sub-moa designation. if your son is gonna be capping deer and hawgs you might wanna step up to at lease a 7mm/08 or imho the .308 win. if my 8 yr old can handle the .308 win your 11 yr old should be able to. my lil boy killed his first deer,a 120 lb cull broken horned long beamed spike, last saturday. man, i wish i could post pics as i was one proud papa for that one. had to warpaint him up since this was his first deer. man, i wanna burn that feeling into the hard drive real good. thats the stuff that gets you thru the hard times.
good luck with the wby,
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