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I understand your point...and I don't get too cranked up over having to have a special purpose for every gun I own either...I have a lot of them, because I just like to shoot them.

But to me the .44 spl ...just doesn't have the "character" of the .44 I'd rather shoot a .44 mag load in a .44 mag gun - than shoot .44 spl loads in a .44 mag gun ...or have a .44 spl gun.../ somehow its just more real logical reason other than that.

I feel the same way about the .38 spl and the .357 mag.../ I have some old
revolvers chambered in .38 spl - but I rarely shoot them anymore / and I rarely shoot .38spl loads in my .357 mag revolvers either ...

I like the extra weight, the feel of the .44 mag and the .357 mag revolvers - over their .44spl or .38spl cousins...
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