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New Duty 9mm - Opinions?

Hey all.

I'm looking to trade my Glock 30. .45 is a bit too expensive for me to shoot enough to maintain proficiency, and the grip is a bit fat for me.

I'm looking to buy a new 9mm full-size pistol. It will serve as a duty pistol for armed guard work, and as a CCW. The concealability is not an issue, as I have concealed full-size pistols pretty regularly.

I have a SIG Sauer p228r that I love, however she's more of a range gun, and honestly due to the cost I'd hate to have it confiscate if I (God forbid) ever had to shoot someone.

I've more or less narrowed it down to a Glock 17 or a Beretta 92FS. I can get an even, or damn near even, trade for my Glock 30 (Night Sights add enough to the value).

Most of my friends and co-workers carry Glocks, and two of them are Glock Armorers, so keeping it maintained beyond user-end service is pretty easy.

But, I'm also a Soldier, and I've used and qualified with the M9 a fair bit and am familiar with the platform.

The size difference seems pretty negligible, 1/2 inch or less in any given direction. Capacity is also similar...17 for the G17, 18 for the 92FS (with MecGar mags, 15 std).

Here's a BIG deciding factor for me though. I have heard, but never seen personally, of a BG being able to potentially disassemble a 92 series pistol with one hand.

Heard of this happening second-hand from a buddy in the Academy for the West Hartford PD. Said the instructor told him to point the Beretta at him, and promptly pulled the slide right off. Also saw it in a show once (NCIS, I believe, but could always just be Hollywood).

Anyone hear ever seen this occur? How easy is it to do?

EDIT: One additional note...looking for a model with a rail for my TLR-1S, so I guess it would be a Beretta 92A1, not an FS?
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