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well joe thats a good question and one that i bounced back and forth for awhile before purchase. #1 The way i figured it is that if i buy the regular s2 and then buy the b&c medalist stock for it then i am right up there with the price of the range certified. #2 also, wby cs told me that the rc models are the only ones actually shot at the factory to ensure "sub-moa". With the regular s2 they are taking a gamble that it will be sub-moa. I'm not much of a gambler myself. #3 wby cs also said that the rc models were pillar bedded. #4 i like rifles that there isn't many of out there and you are right in that 90% of people buying a wby vanguard s2 will opt for the regular s2 and not the rc. #5 i just didn't like the stock that can with the regular s2 at all.
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