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That guy online? "I'm better with my .45 than my .40s"

Random guy online says, "With training and practice n the right weapon she'd be just as accurate with a .40 (when compared to a 9mm). I'm better with my .45 then both of my .40's."

Could this be true?
If someone picks up a .45 , and then a .40, would they be inherently more accurate with the .40? (assuming same experience with both firearms)
Same goes for a .40 when compared to a 9mm
I would guess that due to the recoil of said firearms, two things would happen (one, the other, or both): spread is greater, total elapsed time to shoot full mag on target is greater.
Or is this just an inaccurate assumption?

My guess is that Mr. Macho online practices with his .45 much more than both of his .40's, which is why he's ''better'' with it.

I think that this person (female) would not practice weekly with either firearm regardless, so this ''practice makes proficient'' argument is null.
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