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If your intent is 50/50 .357/.38, then I would not get the 65. It will probably hold up if you use lukewarm loads and clean the forcing cone, but if you DO split a forcing cone, you have a paperweight. If by some miracle you hurt the Six, Ruger will keep it and sell you a new GP for below retail (like half price), so at least your ruined Six will get you something. And the Six series does not have the flat spot on the forcing cone that is the issue with K frame magnums. If the 65 is gonna be a concealed carry, shoot 95% .38 and follow it up with a cylinder or two of .357. Internet lore aside, I have had at LEAST 5 different S&W armorers tell me to limit my .357 in the K frames to 158 and only for familiararity.

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