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A little more powder will increase the pressure and improve the burn rate. I tend to stay away from minimum charges. You are using a fairly slow powder for the caliber. That powder will probably preform better as you approach mid range levels or slightly above them. Think of it this way. When pressure is increased you have additional heat. The additional heat will improve the burn and result in more powder burning while it is in the barrel. There are pressure limits you should not exceed. I think the only real problem might be the low charge you are using. Plated bullets will need slightly more effort to clear the barrel compared to plain lead. It is close enough most consider it one in the same thing. Jacketed bullets need more effort to clear the barrel than is needed with plated bullets. This is another reason I prefer to go one step above starting levels when using plated bullets loaded according to lead data when working up a new load.

If you are just looking for light recoil, using a much faster powder will do that for you even when loaded to mid range for that powder along with a light bullet.
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