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Taurus TCP


I prefer the 9mm for pocket-carry but I did shoot the new TCP .380 (my Aunt & Uncle bought a pair) and they are sweet indeed. I have to agree with your description and rec..

ETA: BTW, many of the aforementioned posts keep citing the "potential" of 'loosing one's family jewels' by pocket-carrying. I respect their opinion and support their decision to refrain--yet I have never worried about either my Kel-Tec P11 or Beretta Bobcat 21A as both are secured in pocket-holsters and free of any potential obstruction (going on eight years now). Can anyone find a link where someone's "pocket-carry" gun inadvertently discharged...?

Lastly, I always use the example of the guy in front of you in line at the Supermarket that has a 1911 pointed squarley at your 'melon' via a horizontal shoulder-rig (does that also worry people)...?

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