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Just so I understand correctly . A mil-mil scope has a mil-dot reticle and the windage and elevation are in mils as well . If one mil is 3.37 MOA what would one click be on the scope be . one click = 1/4 mil or .84 MOA ?

I stated before I like the mil-dot reticle with moa wind & elev adjustments cus it's what I know . I think Im starting to worm up to the this Vortex viper MOA reticle This seems to be much easier to calculate . I've always liked working with the inches calculations . My targets are rarely exactly 1 or 2 meters high . When I break it down in to inches I can range a target thats 4' high or 5' high using the 27.77 calculation better . so I was thinking the MOA to MOA reticle with all measurements being in inches would be easier ?

any thoughts ?
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