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The Vortex Sparc or Strikefire are great optics within your budget if you want reflex sight. Optics Planet has the Sparc for $199 or the Strikefire for $169, both of them ship free, and Optics Planet has an additional $15 off coupon orders of $150 or more that ends today. Looks like they're both back ordered right now, but $184 for the Sparc or $154 for the Strikefire shipped to your door in a few weeks is a pretty decent deal on these optics.

Since you mentioned hunting as a possibility, I'd also suggest looking at something like the Millet DMS. It's a 1x4 scope so that you've got a little magnification, but it's a reflex style reticle that gives you the best of both worlds. You can get the DMS for about $260 shipped including a mount, which I know is a little above your budget. But again, since you mentioned hunting I thought I'd at least throw out the DMS or something similar as worth considering for your new rifle.
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