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Most police departments will NOW buy weapons for their officers ONLY if the weapons are actually made in the US. CZ doesn't have that ability, yet -- as all of their weapons are IMPORTED from the Czech Republic.

SIG, S&W and Glock DO have that capability, assembling some parts that are made overseas, manufacturing others, or actually building the entire weapon here. Your company has to have DEEP POCKETS to do that, and CZ's still a fledgling company by "Capitalist" standards. (I'm not sure about Beretta's practices in this matter, but you don't see Berettas used by many departments, nowadays -- although they were once quite common.)

A number of police departments DO allow their officers to use CZs when the officers are free to choose their own weapons, and allow them to use them as off-duty (or backup) weapons, if they "qualify" with them.

I wouldn't expect to see CZs used as a standard (issue) weapon in the U.S. for some time to come. Even Ruger, which builds them here, isn't currently rushing to compete in that arena.

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