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In 1966 in the Central Highlands of Viet Nam, our platoon found a cave with a bunch of stuff the VC had stored it it.

It was a good guess that the items that we found in the cave were older arms issued to local VC forces and later exchanged for SKSs and AKs. Among the firearms that we found were numerous 7.5mm Lebel French rifles, A Springfield 1903, a 1917 Enfield and several 8mm Mauser Rifles. Also included were several French machine guns and a MAT submachinegun.

Someone later did some research and determined that the WWI era US Weapons were among weapons given to the Nationalist Chinese in WWII. When the Nationalists fled the mainland and retreated to Taiwan, those weapons were captured on the battlefield. This would have been 1948 or so.

It is interesting that the Chicoms would store these weapons and eventually give them to North Vietnam who used them to arm the Viet Cong in the South.

Who knows wht the VC planned to do with had we not discovered their cave.
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