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Originally Posted by scsov509
Mil/Mil is awesome if you like shooting a mildot, because having your adjustments match your reticle just makes exponentially more sense. It's especially nice for dialing up adjustments and calling your own shots because you don't have to do any math to make adjustments that you see through your reticle, you just watch what you see and adjust accordingly. I held off getting away from MOA adjustments for a long time, but after I made the switch I really wished I'd made it sooner.
I couldn't agree more. If you really want the latest, best setup for playing sniper. Mil/Mil is the way to go. Especially for on the fly range correction with no spotter. If you have a spotter, often instructions like, 2 mils up, one mil right, etc will allow for quit hits, with out adjusting the turrets.
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