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I've asked this question before and have never gotten a definitive answer: How many major police departments in America issue a CZ pistol to their officers?
Honestly I've encountered plenty of people who have no idea what a CZ is. Very surprised when I encounter one in a shop around me. They don't seem to advertise all that much. Contracts for duty weapons are very sought after and often the companies make big concessions in price just to secure them. I'd imagine it's hard for CZ to compete with big players like Glock, Smith and Wesson, and SIG.

I'll go you one further though and ask how many departments these days are still using DA/SA weapons? I'm sure there are some but they're in the minority. Many of them that use SIGs use DAK versions and agencies that use HK often use the LEM variants. DAO is sort of the name of the game in the LEO handgun world. I'm not aware of a CZ DAO model.
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