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Thanks oldgoat. And yes, shootest, I just noticed the current SDB is carbide. Maybe older ones were not and thats what the previous poster uses. Either way, it was silly of me to use lube as a factor considering I will be using a little bit once in a while regardless, just like I do on my LCT. I find it makes things run a little more smoothly to lube a case or two in every other box or so.

The SDB really is tempting. I like the flexibility and versatility of the LnL but I already have that in my LCT. The SDB comes ready load or under $400, has the big Dillon warranty and could easily be resold if I ever decided to upgrade.

I am going to do the smart thing and stick with my decision to wait until after the holidays and decide. I spent a small fortune on guns and reloading equipment and components this year and will really need to come up with something good for the Mrs for Xmas, then worry about upping my production.
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