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I did just do some research on Mueller scopes. The reviews came in very well for a lower priced scope. I decided to try one in the 8-32 x 44 flavor on my 22-250. I must say i am impressed so far with it. I did the box test with it and my 5th shot was with in 1/2 inch of the first,not bad for a 250.00 scope.
At 32 power eye relief was still very easy and sight picture was more than ok for my 51 yr old eyes. In fact i liked it so much for that price that i am going to get one more for my 308.
Same experience here with Mueller. I picked up an old Stevens short action this last year and decided to build a 223 coyote gun/plinker on it. It was a budget build from the onset and I decided I'd try a budget optic to keep the theme. So I picked up a Mueller APT off hearing so many good things about it, and it's impressed me quite a bit for a less than $200 optic. Mine also runs the box well, returns to zero, and the glass stays good and clear all the way to full power. My only complaint thus far is the turrets are a tad mushy, but other than that it's an optic I wouldn't hesitate to purchase again if I was looking for budget glass.
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