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I'd like to keep base/rings somewhere $50-$75, is that do-able?
Should I be looking for (what seems to be) a scarce one-piece base made specifically for a Howa, or would the two-piece Rem 700 bases be "good enough." ?

In rings, I don't need anything that's quick change or whatever. It'll take a scope, and then maybe a better scope, but it's not like I'll be wishing to swap things out on any repeating basis. Something without dovetails just seems more sturdy to me, but again--I'm new at this.

Simply snagged the rifle from CDNN. I bought it because it's .223, 24" barrel and heavy barrel. For the price, I figured it was a good place to start. They are throwing in a super-el-cheapo scope and I don't mind giving it a twirl, but I also see an upgrade happening. I don't intend to spend major money on glass. I don't feel I need anything durable as it's going to be .223 and I won't be climbing a mountain with it.

I get the distinct impression that CDNN is throwing in the scope just because they have bushel baskets full of cheap scopes (if you know these guys, "cheap optics" is their middle name) and not because it's a proper scope for this rifle. It's a throw-in, nothing more, and doesn't even come with any way to mount it.

If I go with a two-piece mount, I'll have a billion to choose from as it crosses with the Rem 700. If I am better off sticking with a solid one-piece, then my options are MUCH slimmer.
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