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I always say "I'll try to keep it short"...

It was a circuitous route I took to owning this gun. Last year I destroyed almost both entire shoulders of the deer I killed with one 1-1/4oz. 12 ga. Lightfield slug. The deer was slightly quartering away uphill so even though I shot a little low on purpose, I shot a little too forward by accident and the exit messed it up badly. It was quite a few lost hamburgers. I figured I could get the job done more "neatly" with a .410 as my father has been doing for several years with his Winchester 9410. I just couldn't settle on a .410, but when I saw the flexibility the Circuit Judge offered, I thought I wanted one. ...until I found out it was not legal for deer hunting in Ohio. ...unless it was a pistol. ...and shot .45's.
The .45 seems suitable for any game that I'll see in Ohio, and with the 18" barrel I figured I'm getting good velocity (still not verified), and probably good accuracy (pre-purchase confidence inspired somewhat by Jeff Quinn's review)
Once I had a plan to configure it as a pistol I bought it. I never even shot it with the stock on it, but in pistol form it is really cool. I am still working on the grip a little to make it more secure when firing one-handed. .45's are no prob., esp. shooting SA, but it jumps pretty good with the .410's. Anyway, I still use two hands for accuracy. It swings sorta like a shotgun rather than pointing like a pistol, but I think practice will help that.

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