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I have been following your adventures and commenting.

You seem to have the idea that low loads are preferred. They really are not. You can safely start dead in the middle of a load range (powder charge). The highest loads are still safe, look at some of the old load manuals and they pushed them much harder. Lawyers have kicked in since and not bad but has narrowed things.

For any of your loads, go with something around mid range, maybe a bit lower but not much. It will be safe. You can check results and see if you want to go faster or a bit slower. Slower means really caution on the low loads though. And if shooting in the cold you have an added issue with some powders not liking it and can push you over a too low a load pressure spike.

Max loads with temperature sensitive powders can cause issues as well but my personal opinion (and its only that) less likely that erratic light off at low loads with temperature sensitive powders. If it does spike the gun will take it as its a normal spike just higher than what you want. Not an erratic one that goes way high.

And years back I did the same thing with a Ruger 44 mag. Bad load and not thinking I hauled back and shot it again. I never checked the barrel though I realized what I did. Gun shot fine still.

It does happen.
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