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When I pocket carry,,,I carry either a Smith and Wesson J frame 638 Bodyguard five shot revolver,,,or a Glock 26...I have tried Kahr, Seecamp, and Kel Tec and unfortunately for me anyway they were not reliable.

I carry in my right front pocket with a holster that covers the trigger guard and with absolutely nothing else in the pocket,,,I think it is a mistake to carry a handgun in any method without a holster that covers the trigger guard and in pocket carry nothing else should be in the pocket with the gun.

I do dress around the gun and not try to adapt the gun to my clothes, therefore I wear cargo pocket pants or shorts with large pockets and I tuck a large handkerchief under the holster under the triggerguard, this goes on the outside of the holster under the triggerguard portion of the holster, so when it prints it does not look like a gun but a small paperback novel or something else rectangular in my pocket. I have tried many different ways of concealed carry and although someone along the way might have noticed the printing of my gun and holster,,,no one has ever said anything to me about it in fourty years of carrying concealed.
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