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Flyfish... the guys who were there know the rule book well and claimed that if I elected to shoot over, I would have to accept the lower of the two scores (which in itself makes no sense). I will check it out and talk to them about it. It's hard to say what would have happened had I done that, but had I only made 798 or 799 I probably would have felt a bit more bruised about it.
Nope, they're wrong about that. You do have to accept the lower of two scores, but it's not the lower of the new score vs. the old score because the old score is based on the 10 lowest hits. Rule 14.10(e) is very clear: if you choose to shoot a new target and that new target happens to score higher than the 10 HIGHEST hits on the old target (the one with the extra shots), then you have to take the lower of the two scores, i.e. either the refired target or the old target, but scored using the 10 highest hits. They're apparently saying that the new target is compared to the score of the 10 LOWEST hits on the old target, and that's just wrong. The rules are available on-line - check it out for yourself.
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