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I saw no unburnt powder in any of those loads.

I was tempted to give 21gr a go, but I looked in the case with 21gr in it and it was clearly about 1.5-2mm higher than where the bullet base would have eeb once seated, so I decide "no".

I must confess, also, that my primers are Large Pistol only, not Magnum. It was all the shop had and the Lyamn manual said that was OK, so....

Chrono distance was about 10-12 feet or so away.

I may try 21gr, seeing as I saw no signs of over-pressure, or I may seat the bullet a bit deeper: 1 mm perhaps. I'd like to get up to about 1300fps, if I can on that 240gr bullet.

300gr bullets, aside from plated ones, are too hard to get hold of, so this rather fine looking 240gr bullet will have to do as far as my woods load goes.
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