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Given the environment these weapons will be in by a typical person, I don't think there is much of a difference. I baby the heck out of each of my handguns, and clean them after every range session. Even then I have come NOWHERE near close to disassembling them 1350 times! If I were to go a few sessions without cleaning them, I am still fairly certain that they will go bang everytime. It's more of an OCD thing with me and guns. Outside of wilderness survival, I can't think of another situation where any of my guns would be exposed to even a portion of their tests... And I'm not so sure that I would lather them in mud just to see if they work.

Of course different standards are in place for duty firearms because of how often they change hands, and each person feels a little differently when it comes to maintenance. I think the press release is more of a selling point for departments, although it can be reassuring for the average person as well. I wouldn't read to much into it though, and just go with whatever fits your needs.
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