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Jacksonville neighbors, including 68-year-old couple, get the jump on intruder

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Don't remember when or where I read it but it was a woman with small kids armed with a 20 gauge and birdshot who killed a black bear inside her cabin. On Barter Island off the coast of Alaska is an old guy who had to kill a polar bear in his doorway and all he had was a claw hammer.

I use #6 or #4 on turkeys but my HD load is #4 because of the short ranges and occupied bedrooms in my house. Birdshot is for Birds cowboys can come and protect my home for me if they think that is inadequate but if they shot my brother or sister they will wish I had talcum powder and feathers in my 20 gauge instead of #4 turkey loads. This one answer for all contingencies is the result of swallowing dogma they heard from other cowboys and not any real experience.
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