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Since this thread has turned into a multiple subject topic, I will throw in a few thoughts.

I have spent so much money on every new thing that comes out, it is almost embarrassing. I have found, as others, that in order to get your rifle to shoot to the maximum accuracy, it is better to use loose powder because it can be custom metered down to the grain. I have tried all of the substitutes and have pretty much come to the conclusion, that it really depends on what you like. One really isn't THAT much better than the other. Some are easier to clean, and some are a little hotter than others, but in the long run, each can be charged to deliver accuracy if you play with them long enough.

When rifles started being manufactured for 150 grains of powder, the problem with shooting that much powder was mostly in the sabots. The plastic just would not hold up to that kind of pressure, and it took a while for the sabot manufacturers to adjust their plastic mixture to get a sabot that would hold up. MMP and others, now have sabots that will hold up under that kind of pressure and I am seeing that there are several rifles that will shoot very accurately with a 150 grain charge. Most rifles will shoot their most accurate within the 120 maximum charge range, although their are some that will shoot the same accuracy with 150 grains.

As far as bullets go, I shoot Hornady 250 grain hollow points, and I can't see a bit of difference in all the other bullets out there. They mushroom perfectly at all charges from 90 grains all the way up to 150 grains, with most rounds being pass through shots, that leave a good blood trail.
I tried the pointed nosed bullets from several different manufacturers and found that they did not mushroom as well as the hollow points. According to the hype, they are supposed to give a flatter trajectory, although at front stuffer velocities, you have to cut back on the charge for them to mushroom right, which makes more of a rainbow trajectory, which goes against why you bought them in the first place.
Unless you can get velocities of around 2100 fps, I don't think the pointed front is worth the price.

Presently I am using a Savage MLII at around 2200 fps using Vit 110 powder, with a .45 caliber, 250 grain Hornady bullet in a .50 caliber sabot from MMP. This round shoots clover leafs at 100 yards. The cost of a round for me is around .90 cents. That includes title, tax, and tires off the old one. I shoot a lot and this combo is the cheapest and most accurate I can get for the buck.

Just my 2 cents
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