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Read the release again, Tunnel Rat -- after the first sentence, all references to tests and standards have to do with the Czech National Police requirements, or things that the US military looks for. Nothing in there about NATO, NATO specs, or requirements. Show me otherwise. You're misreading and applying the Czech National Police standards to the NATO classification. That is not what the release says.
No I get what you're saying and I understand it's for the Czech police (whom they say have harder requirements than NATO anyway, probably not true but idk for sure). I don't care whether it's a test designed by the Girl Scouts of America or DEVGRU itself. What I care about is what the test actually includes. And if the P01 did pass the test that was described I do think that's at least worth a feather in their cap.

I understand that a lot of this could just be marketing. But until someone has evidence to the contrary I'm inclined to believe them.

Edit: As a note of the three dozen pistols I have owned only 3 of them have been CZs and I only currently own the P01. I like them, but I'm not a die hard by any stretch.
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