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Those of you not using the Hornady powder drop are missing out - it is probably the best powder drop you can get, especially when you add a micrometer to each of the pistol and rifle inserts and can dial in your loads in almost no time.

Polishing both the channel that the primer tray slides in, as well as the primer slide itself makes a huge difference. I also took a pencil and put some graphite lube on the bearing surfaces to help things out as well. Once I did that, it was night and day.

The only other modification I've made is to epoxy the primer tubes into the little piece that screws to the ram plate. I have one for small primers and one for large primers. Before, the primer tube would eventually work it's way out of the adapter and cause a jam from hell. Since, I have had zero issues with my priming system. Clean the primer ram and channel every time you add new primers and you'll find that you have almost no issues with the priming system.
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