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Yes, this can be done with an 870. The 1100 and 11-87 are probably the hardest to do with this load, but will still pick up time.

The TWinS load grabs two at a time and James (the guy in the video) does load 8 in about 4.25 that way. I suggest you try that first before trying the Quad load. We just came out with the Quad load gear beginning of the year. A guy in Finland started Quad loading last year, we were just the first to use it in the US. If you watch 3Gun Nation, you will see some of the top Pros using our gear to TWinS and Quad load.

When we first came out with our products, a lot of guys just stacked two shells on the dresser or bench and carefully grabbed them to try it out, so you can certainly try this without buying our loading gear.

If you load this way dove hunting and Pheasant hunting, it won't make your buddies happy. You limit sooner too.

We have three SWAT entry guys using the TWinS method on molle vests and the feedback there has been very positive as well.

This morning, James sent me a new video, down to 3.25 for 8. Goal is to go under 3 and then get that to live fire under 3.

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