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Read the release again, Tunnel Rat -- after the first sentence, all references to tests and standards have to do with the Czech National Police requirements, or things that the US military looks for. Nothing in there about NATO, NATO specs, or requirements. Show me otherwise. You're misreading and applying the Czech National Police standards to the NATO classification. That is not what the release says.

(You have to appreciate, too, that the original PCRs [Police of the Czech Republic], first used by the Czech National Police, had problems -- frame issues -- that were quickly remedied by CZ. That expierience probably led to the very strong testing regimen used by the Czech National Police with their later acquisitions.)

I think the CZ is a great design. I'm a big fan. My only criticisms have generally do do with their marketing hype -- but some of that isn't THEIR problem. I've had many more CZs than any other weapon. That doesn't mean I blindly accept everything they write on their website as gospel. I know that it's far too easy to misinterpret a lot of what they put in their press releases.


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