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So how many #4B pellets in what size pattern determines your maximum range.
My maximum distance if completely arbitrary, determined within seconds, effected by the befuddlement of an old-mans brain, based on years of personal experience hunting game with a shotgun. I have never fired buckshot at a pattern board. My interest in #4 Buckshot came about when I was working with in a sawmill with a family of people who were from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where the poverty level has created a great number of subsistence poachers... They told me that they had learned that the most efficient and effective method (guns and load-wise), was to use #4 Buckshot (" have to put enough shot in them to do the job, just like duck hunting..."). I tried it, and it found it to be as they told me...very effective, has always resulted in a quick kill and a recovered deer.

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