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Naturally I've not tried all belts, but I do have some nice ones. Several of them are purpose built gun belts, by big name holster makers. One of my belts, is a high end dress belt, that is expensive enough, that I wouldn't want a holster creasing it. So I know a little about what quality should look like.

The only belt that I've personally tried, that was realitvely inexpensive, was from Carhartt.


I have a brown one, like the one I linked to above, that I've had for thirteen years and a black one that for five. They have held up excellently. I've torn up, every other similar priced belt of another brand that I've ever owned. I have different holsters, knife and tool scabbards and ammo carriers that I wear at various times. My Carhartt belt holds them on as tight and as comfortable as I need them to be.

Is it as nice as a lined, hand stitched, gun belt? No, definitely not. It is very good for $25 though. So I'd thought I'd offer it up as a lower priced alternative, for the more frugal among us.
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