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I have to disagree on this point. Yes there is some small horizontal shift effect due to shot stringing. However high speed photography gives a better view of what the "cloud" shape really means. Bottom line, the speed of the game vs the speed of the shot makes the effect rather minimal - to the point it can be ignored.
Velocity as per picture on the box = 1325fps. (but 1234fps average velocity as actualy measured), Shot strings as indicated by the video were 20ft. maximum (however they were not of buckshot loads, so they may or may not be indicative of an actual length of a #4 lead buckshot string.) Deer running speed? I started doing the math to determine the length that a shot string would translate horizontally on a running deer, but come on, give me a break...I'm 69 years old...someone help an old guy. How about you young math guys do the cyphering and report that here for education's sake?

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