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There is a big difference in recoil between a 44mag in my M629 and 454Casull in my Super Redhawk. Killing power on a deer is very similar.
The 44mag is not a subjective opinion of being the alpha handgun caliber for hunting. The history and the use of the 44 Magnum in handgun hunting is pretty much uncontested by professional handgun hunters, as being the standard in big game hunting.

You're unnecessarily fighting an uphill battle with using the 41 Magnum. There's nothing the 41 magnum does that the 44 Magnum doesn't do much better. If recoils an issue you can shooter 44 special for practice and switch to 44 Magnum for hunting. If you reload, then there's absolutely no contest between the 41 Magnum and the 44 Magnum. There are so many more options with the 44 Mag with bullet selections and loads it's almost silly to even contemplate between the two. Comparing the 41 Magnum to 357 magnum makes much more sense and a easier sell for the 41 Magnum.

You're not comparing beer against beer this is like comparing beer I against whiskey.
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