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Awesome, thank you, Roaddog. Yeah, I found a Speed Six here in TN but it's a 4" model (this all from private sellers; gun stores are too pricey ATM and probably won't get much better).

I was planning on shooting .357 and .38 SP/.38 SP +P on a 50/50 ratio but I guess I have my Chiappa Rhino for that. My S&W 629-4 Mountain Gun serves as a great open carry/hiking/camping gun and I've been thinking of a Glock 27 as a concealed carry pistol. So when it comes to versatile carry, the S&W 65-3 seems the way to go. However, I'd like to own a Ruger Security Six at some point (or a Speed Six if I can find one in a 3" barrel for a decent price) since I like not being limited in my options as far as power.

The fact that the 65-3 I know of is a 3" model as opposed to the 4" Security Six probably edges out for me. While I'm normally not a fan of redundancy in my arsenal, I'll probably end up owning both before it's all said and done. I like the look of both, for different reasons. The Ruger looks like an older Western style revolver while the M65 has that sleek sexy 20th Century look to it.

I guess I didn't know it before getting into it but this kind of seems like a Ford/Chevy or Mossberg 500/Remington 870 debate. Both are excellent. Both will serve well. Both have their pluses and minuses. Neither really edges out the either.
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