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mitchntx What's the line between a gift and a straw purchase?
Gift- You buy a gun and give it as a gift to another resident of your state. Gift means you use your $$$$ and have no expectation of being reimbursed.
Example1: you purchase a gun, give it to a neighbor for his birthday. He says thank you, have some cake.
Example2: Parents buy an AR lower for their 18 yr old son as a Christmas gift. Not illegal under federal law and not a straw sale.

Straw sale- You buy a firearm on behalf of another person. When you complete and sign a Form 4473 you certify under penalty of law that you "are the actual buyer/transferee".

Example3: You are at WalMart and they have marked down Remington 870 shotguns to $150 each. You call up your buddy, neighbor, father, coworkers and ask "Hey!, want me to pick one up for you?" Your buddy, neighbor, etc reply "Oh hell yeah! i'll pay you tomorrow!" You then proceed to buy six of those 870's........thats a straw sale and a felony. The felony is lying on the 4473 you just signed certifying that you are the actual weren't.

Example4: You see the Black Friday ad for $400 Glocks at a local gun store. You tell your wife "Hey! When you go to get milk, swing by Bob's Tactical Armory and Mall Ninja Supply and get me one of thse's some cash...." Again straw sale because your wife is not the actual buyer/ are.

Example5: Parents give their eighteen year old son $100 cash as a gift. Son says "Hey mom, I would really like to build an AR from scratch.....would you go down to Bob's Tactical Armory and get it?" He gives his mom the $100, mom fills out the 4473 and commits perjury. She is acquiring a firearm on behalf of another person.
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