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My issue were never with the optical quality of the scopes nor the warranty but instead the internals. A practically new condition scope with a detached reticle which was repaired/warrantied out only to get it back and have erector/turrets fail on me. Both issues while on hunts.

It's about price to some people, its about confidence in my gear to me. I have zero confidence in the brand. You can break anything if you try to and from time to time things do fail, its unavoidable if you do something long enough. However when you have the same product fail twice in a relatively short time, that should make anyone want to move to something different.

If you have good luck with them fantastic, glad for you. Some people don't care for Bushnell, I happen to think the Elite line is fantastic if you get to the 4200 and above. Some don't care for Weaver but the Super Slams I have are absolutely great glass.

Just glad I have the freedom to choose what I want, the opportunity to have some many manufacturers and the free speech to offer my opinions.
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