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We've been through this discussion before here on TFL and on other forums. Many of us know how to use Google and know how to read.

If, in fact, you read the cited press release link closely you'll see that it's primarily about the testing and standards required by the Czech National Police and has almost nothing to do with NATO requirements or standards.

A lot can be inferred, but I'm not even sure that CZ's marketing staff was trying to misdirect readers. It simply says the gun is NATO certified, and then describes some of the rigorous testing and standards required by the Czech National Police. A single release addresses two topics. As I said, we know little or nothing about what NATO certification really means, and this press release really doesn't address that topic. That's the problem with marketing announcements...

That same release also says, "Over 60 countries use it as the standard side arm of their Armies, National police forces, National security agencies or other Law enforcement organizations. No other pistol can make this claim." That statement as written means a sale of 50 firearms to a small police department in a former Eastern European country is counted the same as 500,000 firearms sold to a large national military. Last time I checked Beretta has sold (with the original and subsequent contracts) over a million M9's to the US Department of Defense over the past 20 years.

I counsel closely reading what's written and not interpreting too broadly.


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