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Ive always wanted to do my own build but i have a question. How do you get the gun registered? Say i bought a frame and slide from two different manufacturers, how would one make it legal?
I can't speak for Missouri, but I do know that every State has different laws concerning handgun registration. The FRAME is the gun. Slides, barrels, parts can be bought from various vendors direct and are not numbered or registered. Here in California, we buy a handgun (or Frame) we have to do a DROS (dealer record of sale) and use an FFL for this. A 10 day waiting period as well before we can pick up the gun from the FFL.

Over in Arizona it's a different story. You can meet someone in the Parking Lot at McDonalds, pay cash, shake hands and go home with the gun. No registration at all. Check Missouri's law; buy a Frame and order the parts from anyone you desire.

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