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I can attest personally that TC 1000 is most defiantly not a gimmick. Extensive testing with two (for all intensive purposes) identical rifles....A CVA bobcat and a Traditions deer hunter. Cleaning both first with nitro solvent then with scalding water, the CVA was shot several time over a week each night cleaning with scalding water, clean patches and bore butter only. The next firing was with both rifles...The CVA with the "seasoned" bore, and the Traditions with the clean metal bore. Firing 15 rounds from each rifle using the same bullets and powder charge with no swabbing. The CVA I'd swear to it, that it actually became easier to load the more it was shot. While the traditions was so fouled by the time the 15th shot was loaded it was a complete FIGHT to get it seated.

All firing during the entire process in both rifles was 70grs of pyrodex RS behind 285gr Remington pre lubed conical lead bullets with No. 11 ignition.
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