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92's are very tough and IMO fairly hard to damage aside from continuous abuse or carelessness. Aside from cosmetic damage, there should be no ill effects from the occasional drop (unless it's a concrete floor)

i had my 92fs in an uncle mikes holster in my pocket
You might want to rethink this, however. It's not much of a pocket pistol unless you are a fan of 90's era JNCO jeans with pockets large and deep enough to hide a small puppy.

The holster might be problematic in and of itself, depending on the model of UM you are using. The IWB one I bought a while back for my 92 doesn't hold well at all and seems to depend entirely on the tightness of one's belt to retain the pistol - needless to say I wore it once, then gave it away.

I'd suggest looking for a better holster.
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