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These topics get too heated. Everyone has an opinion as to what optics is the "best". Its very difficult to test scopes without proper equipment so most of what people say isn't based on too many facts. I have optics from many brands (Nightforce , Zeiss Conquest/ Darivari, Swarovski, Nikon, Leupold, Steiner) I feel the playing field has become level over the years. Optic quality has improved in leaps and bounds. I myself have never had a scope fail on me. I hunt, plink, and shoot competition as well. As far as Nikons my Ar Carbine that I compete with has a Nikon M223 1-4x on it. I guess its been about 2years now. I shoot anywhere from 7yds to 200yds at my matches. I have yet to had the scope loose zero or give me any issues. Im old school and I check my zero a lot and get made fun of. Its always dead on. Keep in mind at my shoots I place in the top two places everything. I wouldn't run an optic that would ruin my chances. I crank the turrets and throw my rifle around a lot. Ive shot out to 800yds with my Nikons and there work great. Nikon seems to take a beating on a lot of forums.
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