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So the p 01 is nato certified. Does that mean the cz 75 compact all steel would be able to pass the same test? As far as i can tell the internals have not changed much.
We don't know what "NATO certified" means. Many weapons are used by NATO forces, and only a few of them have that NATO designation. That doesn't mean that the SIGs, Glock, H&K weapons not wearing that designation are somehow inferior. We don't even know if there are, in fact, "NATO" tests that must be passed, or whether other standards having to do with production practices, are at play. Many of us have looked for answers to these questions, but have been unable to get any resolution.

I'm a big fan of CZs, especially the CZ pattern-guns made by CZ. That said, I spent a good bit of my adult life -- I'm now retired -- in marketing, some as an advertising copy writer. Given that, I know that words used to promote products don't always mean what they seem to clearly mean; it pays to be skeptical when reading product info...

CZs are great guns. The fact that CZ as a firm and the Czech people survived the Communist Bloc and Communist influence without direct Western help, is no small achievement. CZ still has to compete on a grossly uneven playing field, and are not only surviving, but growing -- and introducing new, innovative products. Good for them.
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