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That really looks like the wider (front to back ) original grip frame which they don't make anymore as far as combining the slab side barrel and that grip frame.
To get that frame you have to buy the bull barrel camper base model.
To get the slab side barrel you have to buy either the URX or UDX.
The URX has a narrower grip frame and the grooves are part of the grip and unless there are aftermarket options, you are pretty limited to the factory grips. They do feel comfortable though.
The slab side UDX has the grooves built into frame.
I have both the original frame and UDX and can't really say which I like better.
That one in the picture will have the "updated" recoil spring assembly which came about around 2000-01 and I really don't like because it's quite a bit more of a pain to take slide off but isn't a deal breaker.
Look for firing pin peening from dry firing on the top of the breech face.
If it's indented and more than cosmetic, I would pass.
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